to my weekly reflections from our beautiful valley. My hope is that these honest musings nourish your inner being with grace, hope and wisdom.


is The Waterside, Felindre, a small, perfectly formed valley hidden in the hills above Swansea in South Wales. We’ve lived and worked here for over a decade. The valley continues to provide both inspiration and a profound training ground for us.

The images for my reflections are taken in the valley. Its history as a former Victorian Reservoir shows up in a number of ways and the alpacas and dogs add to the mix.

I am

Sue Heatherington, a former NHS leader with an unusual breadth of background. We came here when I was CEO of the local health board. Since leaving I’ve continued to be a catalyst for fresh thinking and creative dialogue as Collective Headspace, working with leaders and teams across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Having been nudged for some time to write, these posts are my working journal. They are honest reflections and sometimes messy explorations of important issues that impact our souls for the work we are doing. I’ve been surprised by what’s happened in me as I’ve been open to grappling with some of these issues. Both in the writing and the outworking of them. Sometimes feeling quite vulnerable in doing so.

Because this is inner work there are no right answers. So I also use images and poetry to help us explore these issues for ourselves. They also come from my own Christian pilgrimage, where I am increasingly indebted to wider reflective writing.

@SueWaterside is also my Twitter handle so you can see more immediate though shorter posts by following me on Twitter


Steve my husband helps with the technical stuff and is a great editor. He is also a brilliant alpaca shepherd. And joins me in caring for my frail elderly Mum and learning disabled brother who live with us.

There are also amazing others who will contribute as guest writers over time. (Reminder to our artist friend Alastair Duncan who has promised to write further on risk and the creative act…).

My hope

is that you will be encouraged, inspired and provoked by these reflections. But I hope this will go deeper than just reading and that in some way they will enable you to reach out for your highest calling and be satisfied with a life well lived.

Thanks for joining the journey.

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