Gift of life changing events

The gift of life changing events

Often priorities shift and reshape when we face life-changing events. Things we thought were important recede, and what is crucial to the core of our being stands up.

Looking back, I’m really grateful for these situations. They are like a furnace refining precious metals. What results is more malleable and able to be used without fracturing. Reflecting the light without impurities, like a mirror freshly polished.

So what do I see?

Good things being brushed away so the best can emerge.

Facets of life that were for a season, now being shed like worn out clothes.

Vulnerability comes with letting go. Like space in my diary, or not having a reason to do certain tasks anymore. Introducing myself to a new group when I am still not quite sure which words to use.

This happened last week when I joined an online collaborative. Who am I? What do I call myself?

Previous labels, expressing priorities of the past were too hollow. They no longer had substance, and just didn’t fit anymore.

So I tried out a new phrase – quiet disruptor – and was surprised at how well it fitted me, and how others responded. It didn’t just come out of the blue, it was there waiting to be used.

Looking back, it’s the core that’s been there all the time, just expressed tangentially and often shaped to fit the circumstances of the moment. Sometimes shrouded, sometimes exposed. But now having air to breathe.

So what might need to be named for you?

Are there expectations and emotions that currently obscure it?

You don’t have to wait for life to shake things up a bit to see what’s really important. Trust me!

2 thoughts on “The gift of life changing events”

  1. Dear Quiet Disruptor , Path Maker, Daughter of the king.
    What a blessing your journey is as it burns a trail and gives permission to live.
    Your courage has helped to realign my own moral compass and wield my sword with new courage. A single word appearing in dull monastic grey along the blade of my sword. A joke ?….. A mistake ? ….No a powerful message from the King. A biblical word that isn’t in the bible. A word that means almost the opposite from all that I thought or understood. I sit in an old church called ST Marks a minutes walk from my house. ( You know it )The sun lights the floor through the stained glass windows . Surely I ought to be sad for this place is dying . Yet the presence of God is overwhelming . His profound love & Joy. I cry. I am humbled. A simple Trooper with a simple sword. . I don’t understand. Something stirs. An army ? . From French to Latin to Greek. ” Sojourner in a strange land” or older still ” Dwelling place of a Preist ” Why would God in Heaven put a word like that on my sword ? I try to rub it off but my blade becomes heavy and dull. I repent and my sword resonates and whistles in the wind with the sound of worship. I am at peace. I am going to war perhaps ? .. Oh, The word ? ……………….” Parish ”
    God bless you Mrs Heatherington. As quiet Disruptors go you are pretty loud ! x

    1. Sue Heatherington

      Thanks Jim – it’s always lovely to hear how your own journey is going. I recognise it’s not a straight line, but an ex-tank driver quoting Latin and Greek is an evocative picture. Keep going there!

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