Choosing the way of faithfulness

Choosing the way of faithfulness

Isn’t ‘choosing the way of faithfulness’ a beautiful phrase?

What does it conjure up for you? And where does it take you?

I found it the other day when trying to make sense of an intriguing verse in The Message translation of Psalm 119. ‘…I choose the true road to Somewhere’ 

Given that my current road has had more than enough twists and turns of late, the notion of something as concrete and predictable as ‘somewhere’ was really appealing!

I carried this thought as I walked through the woods and back to the farmhouse. Somewhere. Might I, at last, be able to say where that was?

Eager to explore more I looked up the same text in the English Standard Version. I have chosen the way of faithfulness.’

Aren’t words amazing? They make connections with our inmost being and stir thoughts and emotions at the merest whisper.

I had responded to ‘somewhere’ as a place in time and space, that I could clap eyes upon. A destination where life would be clearer and carried a sense of belonging. Where I could be at home, at rest.

And ‘faithfulness’ took me in an entirely different direction…

Initially, it was a bit disconcerting.

The way of faithfulness

‘Faithfulness’ opened up an entirely other sense of belonging. Of attachment and relatedness based on enduring intent. Being at home because my heart and soul are faithful, not just because my feet brought me here.

It asked for a different response. One that looked beyond ‘me’ to ‘other’. And called me to search for the gentleness of spirit that can only arise and be sustained as we feel deeply loved and cared for.

Without this, all we have are our own resources; our own capacity which gets depleted.

But why should I want to choose the way of faithfulness? It asks for so much and doesn’t give me a get out clause…

I want my destination, my somewhere, to be a place of generosity, of abundance. Where we thrive and produce great fruit. But ultimately this comes from within. The grafting in of steadfast love, of kindness and forgiveness.

This isn’t for sale, neither is it conditional on being reciprocated. It is actually a gift, but we have to choose it.

And keep on choosing to live in it day by day as it becomes more and more real.

Will you join me in exploring the way of faithfulness? I suspect I am going to need travelling companions…

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