releasing abundance through gratitude

Releasing abundance through gratitude

How are you doing on practicing gratitude?

It’s interesting to see that people are increasingly recognising the significance of practicing gratitude. And embracing its counter-cultural ethos.

I am glad to have resumed my gratitude journal each night. It is not only having a positive effect on my sleep, but also raising my awareness by day.

Sometimes it’s for the big things – health, relationships, somewhere to live and food on the table. Other times I notice smaller things. The opportunity to be creative. To stop and look at the intricate patterns and colour of fungi in the wood. Reading some well crafted words or listening to an inspiring piece. Something to feed my soul.

Why don’t you stop reading for just two minutes to capture ten things you are really grateful for right now. Ten is good, because it stretches us. So give yourself some time – I promise not to talk while you do it.

Gratitude mindset

The more intentional we are about practicing gratitude, of being thankful, the more it becomes part of who we are.

I’m conscious that mine are still faltering baby steps, but already I feel like I am emerging from a grey world.

What does it look like for you?

Being deliberately more thankful also releases my grip on what I have. I am more open handed. Whether this is with time, emotions or resources. It triggers generosity.

As a side comment on generosity, Adam Grant’s work on Givers and Takers is fascinating.

Releasing abundance

By cultivating gratitude as a mindset, something else happens. We see the world differently. Instead of being surrounded by limitations – what we haven’t got – we see the enormity of what we do possess. Abundance.

I can now see how this also ties back to my thoughts a few weeks ago about beautiful constraints.

Appreciating even the small things helps us see them more fully. The amazing fungi in the woods this morning helps me see in microcosm what is around us at large. Their beauty inspires me and spurs me on.

This is true abundance. It’s there even if I don’t see it…

Yes, I do live and work in an incredible place and I know how fortunate I am. But this abundance is around all of us, wherever we are. And gratitude opens our eyes to see it more clearly.

So what difference would this make for you, right where you are, right now? Where do you need to release abundance in your life?

What would your gratitude journal look like?

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