standing in the stream

Being and being known – standing in the stream

I often stand at the top of the valley, where the stream that once created the Blaenant Ddu Reservoir tumbles over sandstone and comes onto our land.

It’s part of my daily walk with the dogs after feeding the younger alpacas on the terraces.

Winding through the woods, the sound of the rushing water and the freshness of the green path beckons me. The invitation to come and stand in the stream is irresistible. Water lapping around my wellies, getting my bearings for the day.

It’s also a great place to read and speak out loud. Often a Psalm and the things that I might not otherwise really admit to. The nearby sheep aren’t bothered and the voice of the stream absorbs my words.


Standing in the stream I know that I am part of something far bigger than myself. Not just at this moment in time, but part of a history. That’s sobering for someone who is constantly looking forward.

It also reminds me that it’s not just down to me. Even though at times the pressures of finances and caring tricks me into believing it is…

There’s a big world out there with hopes and fears. And just as the stream ultimately flows into the sea several miles away, so what we are doing here isn’t just about us.


This yet again helps me re-set my compass toward being, not just activity.

Standing in the stream I can’t ‘do’ much. But I can pause and breathe. Feel and imagine. Notice and take in.

I’ve come to see that when I constantly substitute doing for being then my capacity gets reduced. It’s not just quantity, it’s quality too. Even though I have a sense of achievement, it feels shallow and less fruitful after a while.

Being before doing makes sense in so many ways. But it’s also scary. I can feel naked and exposed, especially when there’s so much to get done.


So standing in the stream also reminds me it is OK and it will be OK.

I am known.

These were my ‘out loud’ words this morning… 

Standing in the Stream

I’m standing in the stream,
the stream you have given us.
The water offered to cleanse and refresh
our dirty and weary feet.

I’m standing in the stream.
Not another stream,
but this stream. Now. Today.

I’m standing in the stream
knowing that it passes me
and flows down to the sea.

It goes through our land
and out into the world.

I’m standing in the stream.

I’m standing still.
Not just waiting for you,
but knowing you are here

Where is your ‘stream’?

Where is the place you go – physically or internally – where you are truly known? Where you can re-set your compass of being?

How can you give yourself permission to spend more time there? And build it into the fabric of your life, not as a desperate ‘patch’ but a golden thread?

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